Diversity allows various small groups to meet for Bible study, fellowship and prayer in different locations at different times, using different materials. These groups, mixed in age and gender, meet in different homes, at times and dates convenient to the members

Purpose- Driven Groups

Our groups have a purpose – to encourage people to grow in the knowledge of God and to explore and experience true biblical community. Through them people will discover and experience authentic community and grow to identify and serve the needs of each other, their church family, and their community.

We highly recommend that each group commits itself to a service to the church and a community outreach ministry, and that each member in the group is paired with another person for accountability and support.

Group Guidelines

We highly recommend that our groups agree to the following values:

It’s a good idea for every group to put words to their shared values, expectations, and commitments. Such guidelines will help you avoid unspoken agendas and unmet expectations. We recommend you discuss your guidelines during your first meeting in order to lay the foundation for a healthy group experience. Feel free to modify anything that does not work for your group.

We recommend that you commit yourself to the agree to the following values:

Clear Purpose: To grow healthy spiritual lives by building a healthy small group community.

Group Attendance: Give priority to the group meeting (call if I am absent or late).

Safe Environment: To create a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved (no quick answers, snap judgments, or simple fixes).

Be Confidential: To keep anything that is shared strictly confidential and within the group.

Conflict Resolution: To avoid gossip and to immediately resolve any concerns by following the principles of Matthew 18:15-17.

Spiritual Health: To give group members permission to speak into my life and help me live a healthy, balanced spiritual life that is pleasing to God.

Welcome Newcomers: To invite friends who might benefit from this study and warmly welcome newcomers.

Building Relationships: To get to know the other members of the group and pray for them regularly.