To be a welcoming, worshipping, witnessing church……inviting people to act on the truth of God.


To glorify and worship our awesome God by obeying His call to be a people set apart with a specific task,  by obeying His commandments and commission.  This means to be ever growing in our knowledge and relationship with God to become more Christlike and to know Him on a personal basis. This is then lived out in our fellowship with one another and in our actively revealing God to others so they to may become disciples.

We Are. . .


…where we can withdraw from the busy activities of the week to worship God in silent meditation and joyful praise. Westdale Reformed Church is such a place.

We sing songs and choruses of praise, share our joys and needs before God in prayer, hear the Word of God, and proclaim it in the sermon. We worship with a sense of God’s majesty, love, forgiveness, and His living presence.

Our ministry is to deepen our love and commitment to God, focusing on our Lord Jesus Christ. This makes our ministry a thankful and joyful response to who God is and what He has done. This is to take place in each of our hearts on an individual basis, while being taught and encouraged by the fellowship and finding expression in the fellowship.


We belong to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and to His Church. We encourage one another, meet the needs of one another, and enjoy our shared faith as we fellowship and worship together. We study God’s Word in Bible studies and Sunday School. We share the love of God with one another.

Our ministry is to beautify the fellowship, the bride of Christ so that we become a beautiful, living epistle which reflects the glory of God. This takes place in worship, in group study, in caring for one another, in shared ministries, in our homes, and in social fellowship.


We have a vision to grow in faith and in number. We nurture our faith so that we can share it with others. We seek ways of sharing God’s love in the community by Word and by our actions.

Our ministry is to reach out with the love and word of God. People are hurting and we can share in Christ’s ministry of healing and reconciliation. Our target will be to minister to families in their areas of need and to offer to them opportunities to grow spiritually and to know and experience God in our fellowship.

To be a community church for all people, a place where all can come and experience the love and joy of Jesus Christ.