We are pleased to welcome Pastor Ed Visser to ministry at Westdale. He will be our part time transitional minister for the next six months (starting September 2018), helping us get ready to call our next pastor. He works out of Caledonia where he lives with his wife, Jean. Together they share a love for family, travel and camping (they’ll be gone for November and March).  Jean is a potter while Ed enjoys photography, videography and editing. Ephesians 5:10.

Please contact Pastor Ed by email (pastoredvisser@gmail.com) or by phone (905-317-2119).

Joyann Kruizinga joined the staff as Office Administrator in 2012. Her friendly personality and long experience with Westdale ably fit her for this position and we look forward to her presence in the office for many years to come.

Joyann, her husband, Rob and family are all actively involved Westdale Reformed church.